Zoe hinks: Artistic director

Zoe Hinks founded Sabotage Theatre Company in 2008 after graduating from East 15 Acting School with a BA in Contemporary  Theatre. Since then she has written scripts, performed, directed, painted sets and wagons, produced, built stages, sewn costumes and  rifled through skips.  She wrote the Sabotage Manifesto in 2009 which has become the basis of the company's practice and is passionate about the necessity of live performance in everyone’s life. She believes this should be a current and ever evolving tool to help us understand our relationships, lives and the lives of others.

Carl Boardman: Co-Director

Carl Boardman has worked with Sabotage since 2009. He trained in Theatre at Dartington College of Arts. He has since developed his practice in theatre in the South and Southwest as an actor, director and lighting designer. His work has often incorporated music, song and dance. He first became a Saboteur as director on the original showcase of 'Ravens' (Brighton Festival 2009). Since then he has worked as an actor, sound/ music editor, puppeteer, mask-maker, children's educational advisor and cyclist in various Sabotage productions.

Photography by: Simon Baines, Nikos Kolios, Sam Thomas, Emma Bailey, Zinta Gercans, Harriet Layhe, Lisa Dear

& Joanna Carter.

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