OWLERS (2015)

By Zoe Hinks


Crawfurd Quinn has a pain so bad he cannot work. When Crawfurd Quinn can’t work, the whole village goes without, for Crawfurd works the Free Trade. With pain such as this there is only one thing to do, and that is to go and visit the two old, mad sisters who live in the lighthouse, to see if they have some spell or potion or spirit it away.


Weaving history and folklore, Owlers followed the bizarre story of Kit; a cross-dressing Tub Boy working for the Aldington Gang of smugglers, when – in 1826 – a routine landing of contraband ends in disaster.


“I cried at the end, it was beautiful”

Gail Duff, TRADS


“Creatively brilliant”

Edward Armitage, JAM Festival


Owlers visited forests, churches and barns between May and July 2015 on Sabotage Theatre's third horse-drawn tour of Kent and East Sussex.

Photography by: Simon Baines, Nikos Kolios, Sam Thomas, Emma Bailey, Zinta Gercans, Harriet Layhe, Lisa Dear

& Joanna Carter.

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