Directed by Elena Saorin and devised by the Company

Open air tour around Kent


In 1911 Mr Alexander Carroll, a disillusioned Irish bare fist boxer, embarked upon a mission to illuminate the fields of England with the thrills of the silver screen.

Little did he know that a century later a troupe of players would be travelling to the far flung corners of the Kentish countryside with a Horse Drawn Cinema Show inspired by his enterprise.


The Horse Drawn Cinema Show was the first of Sabotage's rural tours involving an open air performance inspired by the early travelling Edwardian Fairground cinematographs, using masks, melodrama and physical comedy. The show was followed by an invitation inside our miniature cinema seating up to 10 people at a time. Here there were screenings of short silent films from the very early days of cinema accompanied by modern independent films and animations. The cinema was pulled by horse between venues with the company travelling on foot, living outdoors for the duration of the tour.


"Strongly reccomended" Meridian News

Photography by: Simon Baines, Nikos Kolios, Sam Thomas, Emma Bailey, Zinta Gercans, Harriet Layhe, Lisa Dear

& Joanna Carter.

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