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The Sabotage Approach to theatre

We are born with a natural leaning towards play, which is either formalised and repressed, or pursued, depending on the openness of our education and the rigidity of our environment. Everyone has this aspect of play deep within them, which cries out to be provoked, nurtured and surprised, however much we think it was long forgotten with the dressing up box and the toy guns. We are living in a society where live contact is being slowly pushed out bit by bit, our experiences of relationships becoming more ‘virtual’. Theatre is imperfect, it is volatile, and it is ‘real’ play through which we can contact that primal part of ourselves that needs to explore forbidden fantasies and purge frightening emotions. It is not important, it is vital. It is already within all of us, and rather than be taught, we must be reminded.


Sabotage Theatre is a grass roots theatre company with a passion for adventure. We have performed in woods, abandoned barns, historic churches and lost villages across Kent and Sussex. We love the countryside and feel Theatre shouldn't be limited to the cities and towns. We have toured with horses, camped, walked from venue to venue, piled props in prams and on trains and lit plays with burning torches fueled by recycled chip oil. Sabotage Theatre is vibrant, unique, and uncompromisingly live.



One man’s skip is another’s scenery. Our sets and costumes are made out of recycled materials. Not only is it economical, it is sensible and better.

Our sources range from clothes found in skips, costumes from previous productions, donations of old bedding  and many more besides. There is so much waste

produced today, there is no need to create more. Also, found cloth tends to inspire less obvious uses and designs. Many scraps and remnants of more luxurious materials found created the multi-layered and panelled areas on Bianca the cat and Satan’s costumes in Ravens. This technique also reflects how clothing was made at the time in which the play was set. Cloth was expensive and nothing was wasted or thrown away. When a person died all of their clothes would be re-cut to make more. When we have finished a run the costumes find a new home and a new life to continue this process.


We sing the love of danger, freedom and exploration.

We reject the limitations of others and seek to undermine conventional structures.

We are fearless and tireless. We uphold the value of creativity and imagination above all else.

We sing the love of Theatre. We strive to create plays that surprise, entertain and emotionally engage.

We believe we have a responsibility to challenge and ask questions.

Sabotage is not a business. We place the value of artistic growth above the accumulation of assets.

We uphold the strictest discipline in our research, rehearsals and training.

We have a responsibility to utilise the wealth around us. One man's skip is another man's scenery.

Sabotage celebrates the audience; volatile, intelligent and critical.

Sabotage celebrates the moment; imperfect, vulnerable and priceless.

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Photography by: Simon Baines, Nikos Kolios, Sam Thomas, Emma Bailey, Zinta Gercans, Harriet Layhe, Lisa Dear

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